Start getting data about how your reps are using detailing aids using DRM e-Detail!

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DRM e-Detail

DRM e-Detail is a content management solution for Pharma businesses and is mainly used by sellers (medical reps) to present their products to their customers (doctors, pharmacists, etc.). And it is deeply integrated with Microsoft 365 cloud services.

By using DRM e-Detail you will get the following benefits:

Better Communication with Doctors

You get to involve HCPs more in your story. By making the material interactive it becomes an active rather than passive experience.

Understanding Your Marketing ROI

The ability to track interactions tells you how customers are reacting to your messages. Even the simplest analytics will uncover useful things like the most-viewed parts of a presentation.

Flexibility of Content Usage By The Reps

You pre-populate content for the sales rep to use, based upon your marketing strategies. And available content allow for different scenarios inside the call.

Reducing Costs of Print Material

printed materials is expensive and slow. And sometimes the materials are not even used. Switching to digital technology removes major costs.

DRM e-Detail

Microsoft Office 365

DRM e-Detail was built from within Office 365 and PowerPlatform so that you and your employees can consume, share, collaborate, and analyze data from your customers, increasing your productivity and saving you and your employees lots of time & money!

Microsoft 365 services

Easier Collaboration

Move the discussions and get notified into Microsoft Teams, the ultimate collaboration and communication tool from Microsoft.

Integration into Office 365 services

Working together is easier with Office 365, a complete enterprise cloud productivity solution that includes authoring, mail and social, site and content management, meeting and voice capabilities, and analytics.


All you need is a username and password to access the DRM PowerApp and Office 365 services from anywhere on any device

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