Simplify the ordering process using DRM for Sales.

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DRM for Sales

Pharmaceutical businesses need a special customized sales automation software…  DRM for Sales  is the simplest, most efficient sales automation system, designed specifically for pharmaceutical companies, to record and track their orders to their customers… “The Pharmacies”, 

By using DRM for Sales you will get the following benefits:

Insightful data

• Sales Force performance & KPIs
• Monitor you marketing expenditure and get insights about it.
• and much much more!

Team Efficiency

• ~8 hours saved per month per sales rep, which enables your sales force to focus on the most important clients.
• No more searching through emails, or messages, which ensures significant time savings for sales force managers.

Privacy & Security

• Hosted on a CDS database from Microsoft, which ensures extremely high security levels.
• Security roles to define how different users, access different types of records.
• Field-level security to protect sensitive information.


• Keep up to date with automatic notifications
• Save time using automated processes and approvals.
• Automated email reminders, to keep you focusing on what’s important.

DRM for Sales

Microsoft Office 365

DRM for Sales was built using Microsoft 365 and Power Platform cloud services, which creates the basis for your digital transformation journey, improves team collaboration, provides enterprise-level security, automation, and above all, the detailed analysis on all the data you have.

Microsoft 365 services

Easier Collaboration

Move the discussions and get notified into Microsoft Teams, the ultimate collaboration and communication tool from Microsoft.

Integration into Office 365 services

Working together is easier with Office 365, a complete enterprise cloud productivity solution that includes authoring, mail and social, site and content management, meeting and voice capabilities, and analytics.


All you need is a username and password to access the DRM PowerApp and Office 365 services from anywhere on any device